THE MISSION... raise funds for childhood cancer research and provide financial assistance for families with a child actively in cancer treatment.
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The 4th Annual Just Imagine® Childhood Cancer Walk
Thankful for the more than 400 participants who help make this event a success!
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Everyone Has a Dream

MY ACCOUNT SHOP FOR HOPE DONATE NOW! Facebook-f Instagram Twitter Envelope Everyone Has a Dream Everyone has a dream, not everyone’s may be the same.

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Our childhood cancer warriors.


Your purchase of our book, “It’s Christmas Again,” will go to help families offset Insurance on vehicles, lodging & meals, house/rent payments, telephone bills, utility bills, vehicle repairs, vehicle payments, approved miscellaneous.

Your purchase of the book helps with Book for Hope’s emergency envelope that contains $150.00 Visa gift card, $50.00 restaurant card and $50 gas card to families upon a child being diagnosed with cancer.

We Fund Research for

Resources for Families

Book For Hope provides families with funds to help with travel, meals, lodging and more.


It Could Happen To Anyone

1 out of 8 children will not survive cancer. #1 leading cause of death by disease is cancer. Close your eyes and imagine this was your child…what would you want people to do?

Source: CureSearch

Facts You May Not Know

  • In 2018 in the United States the parents of nearly 16,000 kids will hear the words “Your child has cancer,” and 40,000 children undergo treatment for cancer.

  • Forty-three diagnoses take place every day.

  • Twelve percent of children diagnosed with cancer ultimately do not survive. (read more)

Traditionally, gold ribbons were worn as a sign of hope as women waited for their men to come home from war. Today, gold ribbons are still used as a symbol of hope and optimism for one-day defeating childhood cancer.

Source: BourneCreative


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Meet Our Warriors

Kendall James

Kendall was diagnosed on Jan 1, 2017 with Stage 3 Rhabdomysarcoma Embrynal. (read more)

Jessica Meyer

Jessica was diagnosed with …. in 2017. (read more)

Daniel Mathis

Daniel was diagnosed with Ana-plastic non-Hodgkins Large Cell Lymphoma at age 14 in 2017. (read more)

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