Amelia Joy Mount
Amelia Joy Mount

Amelia Joy Mount

“Dear God, please take my cancer away”

Amelia Joy Mount, lovingly known as Millie, was just 2.5 years old when she was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma.

Millie is the baby of nine siblings. Her favorite times were at home with her family on our farm. She enjoyed being outside, working with daddy in the tractor, visiting the animals, or playing on her swing in the yard.  You would always find her wearing her green John Deere cowboy boots no matter her outfit. Her favorite food was “chicken-beef,” meaning pot roast that she was sure was chicken.  She had a great sense of humor and often laughed at her jokes. She had a love for fishing and was gifted a professional fishing trip in the final days of her life. At the end of each day, you would find her in mama’s rocking chair, just waiting to be rocked to sleep. We are so grateful for each moment we had together.

Millie loved her friends from the hospital. Late at night, she often prayed, “Dear God, please take my cancer away.” She would then pray for each friend that had cancer to be healed. She even prayed for her nurse’s cancer to be gone. We tried to explain the nurses didn’t have cancer, but she replied, “Then why are they here?”  She figured anyone at the hospital must be sick.

Millie fought hard for a year before opening her eyes in heaven on July 8, 2020. Her journey has been shared around the world on her Facebook prayer page, “Millie’s Miracle.” As a family, our greatest hope is that we can point others to Jesus as they remember our sweet girl, who we will see again in heaven.

We still believe in Millie’s Miracle – Hebrews 11:1 🦋💖

Written by Courtney Mount, mother of Millie