Lennon Kash Black
Lennon Kash Black

Lennon Kash Black

“Everybody loves Lennon. I’m brave and strong.”

“Everybody loves Lennon; I am brave, I am kind, I am strong, and I am loving,” all words of affirmations spoken directly from the most heroic three year old child.

She was a lover of being at the lake, fishing, riding on the combine, looking for deer, riding ATVs,
shopping, swimming, enjoying food, and talking about when she could go to school.

Our girl Lennon was diagnosed with High Risk, Stage 4 Neuroblastoma Cancer at just 3 years old. She is the daughter of Jay Black and, Erika Black, and sister of Kylie and Kinsley.

Lennon, “Kash Money,” as many of her fellow Pediatric Oncology Nurses, and Pediatric Oncologist knew her as, melted over her instantly. From having nerf gun wars, finger painting fun, even having three boyfriends at once, to her teaching them new dances she’d learned… we all truly believed she would beat this bully that invaded her tiny body called: cancer.
We were steadfast in prayer, leaned on family and friends, and stayed on Amazon shopping our hearts out to give her whatever her heart desired! She knew she was loved all around the world.

Being around Lennon or even watching her live, if you ever got so blessed to do so, you instantly fell madly in love. Her accent was as southern as a “Bless Your Heart,” T-shirt or throw pillow at grandmas. She could hold an adult conversation with anyone, had the biggest ocean blue eyes, would wake you up just to stare right back into yours and study your face, then just to hold you oh so tightly. Looking back, we never noticed just how sick she truly was because she was so full of life.

Lennon battled this beast with everything in her mind, body, and soul. Cancer did not kill our child; the treatments did. No one should ever have to sign a DNR on their own baby girl or boy. No one should ever have to plan a funeral while their child is still alive. No parent should ever have to bury their own flesh. No parent should ever have to hear those daunting words “your child has cancer.”

Our babe longed for the ocean once more. 100 sand toys is what she requested as we made our way home for hospice. We knew that she did know what was going on because she started her transitioning process in the hospital. Not only that but she asked her father to pray over her multiple times and it seemed as though he couldn’t pray enough. It did give us so much comfort knowing she wanted to be near the Lord during this time.

The praying over her continued at home per her request. Praise and worship music was on repeat for her just how our smallest child wanted. She loved Jesus so much and it shined through her as we would take turns dancing her. It broke your heart, but there was a peace all at the same time. God was with us through it all.

Lennon Kash Black’s best day was September 25th, 2020 as she flew to Jesus, and was the worst day of our lives. She was barely four and now remains forever four. We know she isn’t missing us and that she isn’t any longer in pain, but we are human and are selfish. We will forever ache for the great loss we wake up to every single day and to relive. I know as her mother that she is healed, but our girl better be making Jesus carry her around everywhere and tickle her belly, too!
For now, we will continue to fight, to advocate in honor of our daughter, Lennon, and for those who are too small to speak for themselves.

Written by Erika Black, mother of Lennon Kash Black