Why I fundraise for Book for Hope®

I will be the first to admit that fundraising for childhood/adolescent cancer is not for the faint of heart. To be honest, fundraising for children facing a future with cancer is extremely difficult, and yet I continue to ask: how can I stop when every week I see faces of children that have or have had cancer?  The children have become more to me than just kids; they have become like family. So, I do what I can to raise money for families of victims of childhood/adolescent cancer, and make financial donations to Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN.

How do I find these extraordinary children?  That’s a good question. All I have to do is look on social media to see children suffering from cancer. Other times, someone tells me about a child with cancer. Once I make contact with the families, they are given our guidelines paperwork and a form for the Pediatric Oncologist to complete. When our organization receives this information and makes a determination on the family’s needs, that family deserves our utmost attention to help them during the darkest time of their lives. You see, childhood cancer does not just affect the child; it affects the entire family.

I would like for you to “Just Imagine® “a day in the life.”  We’re at a clinic and a little five-year-old girl cannot eat and is down to thirty-three pounds. Before cancer, she had beautiful blonde hair, but now she has a pretty little headband on a head with no hair. The Physician Assistant (PA), tells the little girl with a feeding tube, “You have to eat!” The little girl says, “I would eat if Mrs. Gaylon would take me to McDonald’s.”  I get the okay from the PA and mom and off we go to the closest McDonald’s. This little girl says she will take one of everything on the menu, so I try to accommodate. She removes the sausage from the biscuit but gets so nauseated that her mom has to grab her and rush to the restroom. I sit and pray for God to help this baby girl. She comes back to the table, looking drained, and asks me, “Mrs. Gaylon, did God make me sick?” I want to sob, but what good am I to her and her mom if I cry? I talk to the child and end the conversation with, “I am praying for God to heal you,” and she replies, “It is not working, Mrs. Gaylon. You are gonna have to pray harder ‘cause I am getting sicker!”

This is why I cannot stop fundraising. This is why our organization needs you to donate and sponsor us monthly–so little girls and boys can live instead of dying of cancer.

With the help of our amazing sponsors last year, we were able to pay for a $6,000 shot for this little girl that saved her life when her blood counts had bottomed out. Who made that possible? Our sponsors. The most remarkable people in the world donated money to keep this little girl alive.  I am thankful to say she is now in remission and is six-years-old. This is what I am talking about–keeping kids alive is why I fundraise and why we need your help.

I beg you to consider becoming a monthly sponsor and donating to our organization. There are so many of these children and we cannot do this without you.  The need is huge, so please go to the “donate” section on our Book for Hope® website www.bookforhope.org and donate today. Somebody’s child/adolescent is depending on your help to survive this beast called Cancer!  Just Imagine®!

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