Beautiful Story!

Gaylon’s book, It’s Christmas Again, is just beautiful–a beautiful story filled with beautiful pictures. Her tale of hope and overcoming fear in the face of a cancer diagnosis is told from the perspective of a young girl, but the author’s own experience through a dreaded diagnosis shines through. Some stories entertain and fill children with wonder, but It’s Christmas Again helps ease the burden for families who are dealing with cancer, either in a child or an adult. From the initial diagnosis, through surgery, radiation and healing, Gaylon’s character teaches us all how to find the best in every situation, until we can reach Christmas again!

Debra Sears / Retired Teacher

It’s Inspiring

It’s Christmas Again…This book is an amazing story of strength, love, and passion. The author possesses all of these traits. It teaches us what it means to overcome and the reality that there is heartache out there but Christmas will come again. It’s inspiring to read and a great introduction for children on how to deal with cancer, because that is so real. While it may seem like it is a kids book, it really speaks to all ages. Gaylon really touched the members of my family with this book as she has been an encourager for us. This book shows an example of what true “trust in the Lord” means.

Shelby Barber Thompson / Martin Marietta

Thank you!

“In December of 2011, my two-year-old daughter Michaela was diagnosed with a germ cell yolk sac tumor. To say we were shocked is a gross understatement! Children don’t get cancer! However, after being plunged into the world of childhood cancer, we quickly learned how many children face this terrible disease every year. We were very blessed that our daughter’s prognosis was excellent. She received four rounds of chemo at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s Egleston campus and was declared cancer free in March 2012. She continues to have excellent health as a very active six-year-old. Although, Michaela was too young to understand what was happening, we vowed to remain active in the childhood cancer community and share her story of hope. Over the past few years, she has asked questions about her bald head when she saw pictures of herself. We have tried to help Michaela understand that she is a cancer survivor but she, of course, had a difficult time understanding. It’s Christmas Again was a wonderful resource for helping her comprehend what happened to her. After reading the book, she was able to ask questions and talk more easily about the disease. I feel she has developed a deeper empathy for others suffering from cancer, or any illness. Thank you, Mrs. Hayden, for sharing your story to help others understand the unexplainable.”

Tiffany Krippner / Habersham Co School System

Hope and Beauty

“It’s Christmas Again captures the essence of the journey a child with Cancer will embark upon while offering them the hope and beauty that comes with being a survivor.”

Brian and Michele Schooley / Parents - Gavin Schooley - 6 year old cancer survivor

Loved the Book

“It’s Christmas Again” is a wonderful book written in a way that children can relate to the subject. It’s a great way to give them hope when their world is in such chaos. I loved the book and have shared it with others.”

Dianne Cobb / Music Teacher at Sonflower Preschool