Everyone Has a Dream

Everyone has a dream, not everyone’s may be the same. If I were asked what my dream was it would be to tell one person how unknowingly important childhood cancer awareness is. Because when you tell one person that person tells another person who tells more and eventually the word is everywhere like a wildfire in California. When you are a child and you hear that big C word (Cancer) everything becomes irrelevant, the only thing that matters at that moment in your mind is how you choose to take it. As a child we process things a lot differently, most of us do not consider that we may not be able to live, laugh, and love. We just know that we don’t know what we are facing and it’s a new thing that must be understood.


As a 14 year old that went through chemotherapy, I can personally tell you I was scared, but I knew that I wasn’t gonna give in not that easy if it wanted me it had another thing coming to it! When the doctors came to talk to me they explained that I would have to get something called a Hickman put into my chest so they could inject the chemo into me. Which for a 14-year old I was skeptical I thought I was gonna be turned into a robot. But now looking back I see that I concurred something that many could not and I’m here to say today that We Can Beat You Cancer!  -Daniel Mathis, Cancer Fighter.

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